September 15, 2020

Genesis Ray Launches Unique GIS Analytics Platform for Energy Sector

Explorer Platform

Singapore, Sep. 15, 2020 – Genesis Ray, the Singapore-based clean energy research company providing innovative data analytics products on renewable energy and energy infrastructure mapping services, has launched Explorer Platform, an intuitive online GIS analytics platform that enables developers, investors and OEMs to screen, compare and evaluate gas and power assets in South and South East Asia.

Explorer Platform is a first for the gas and power sector, combining intelligence and analytics in a single, GIS-powered visual platform. This gives users real-time access to accurate and in-depth information on the current landscape, competitors, and market dynamics, enabling commercial decisions about renewables and other clean energy projects to be reached quickly.

The shift to a low-carbon economy has been a game-changer for the global power industry as renewable sources of energy penetrate the sector. Across the world, countries are increasing the share of new and cleaner sources of energy in their overall energy mix. This has resulted in the emergence of a multi-trillion-dollar renewables industry as globally investors drift away from the volatile conventional energy industry and look forward to these newer sources.

However, information on the right markets and locations to target has been lacking, with no single source of data and most intelligence gathering being done by external parties. With Explorer Platform, developers, investors and OEMs can now bring their GIS analytics in-house, saving time and money, while obtaining more sophisticated insights and improved risk-analysis, ensuring the right business decisions are made.

“I am delighted to announce the availability of the Explorer Platform in South and South East Asia. This ground-breaking GIS analytics platform allows customers seeking to tap into the fastest growing renewables markets in Asia to have reliable and comprehensive insights at their fingertips, empowering them to make informed decisions about the future of their business”, said Irfan Choudhry, CEO of Genesis Ray.

He further added, “We have already secured customers in Asia and Europe, who see the tangible benefits our aggregated, user-friendly digital platform offers. They have also indicated a keen interest in the suite of new wind and solar products we will be bringing to market in the near future.”

The Explorer Platform currently covers assets of 650GW+ generation capacity, 33,000+ wind turbines, 425,000+ kms of transmission lines, and 35,000 kms+ of natural gas pipelines. Data from hundreds of primary and secondary sources is aggregated and then cross-validated and weighted from multiple points, providing the most in-depth, up-to-date database available on the gas and power sector in South and South East Asia on a single platform.

The Explorer Platform is available under a Single/Multi-Year License that permits usage by multiple teams including planning, business development, strategy, finance, and operations. Under the license, users have real-time access to all the data points underlying the energy assets with numerous analytical capabilities to create actionable insights.

The platform has a dashboard that helps users draw intuitive insights from the data using interactive dynamic visualizations, including simple numeric metrics, tables, and charts.

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