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Leverage Explorer platform to build a custom webgis app

Enhance the efficiency of green projects using infrastructure data and geospatial technology by creating custom webgis applications on our Explorer platform. Powered by ESRI’s ArcGIS, this platform allows clients to integrate proprietary data with our comprehensive infrastructure data, offering unparalleled visualization and analysis capabilities. This fusion empowers you to navigate repowering and siting obstacles effectively, refining site selection and impact assessments to achieve sustainable project outcomes.

why Explorer

Gain a competitive edge with infrastructure data and location intelligence

By leveraging Explorer Platform for your webgis app, you can maximize your online impact with a single platform that integrates Gas & Power infrastructure data, geophysical data, visualization, and analytics, optimizing visibility and efficiency for unparalleled results.


Wind Turbines

465,000 ckm+

Transmission Pipelines

35,000 km+

Gas Pipelines

Key Features

Build webgis apps with Explorer platform

Explorer fast-tracks custom webgis app development by bringing ArcGIS integration, a user-friendly interface, seamless scalability, and extensive customization options

Immersive experience

Draw simple polygons or text on the map and export the graphic/drawing created in JSON format

Bring own data

Work with custom data in the form of spatial overlay on the top of Explorer platform​

Organization sharing

Share data within organization with multiple users created exclusive to your webgis app

Use Cases

Conduct various analyses using Explorer

The Explorer platform unlocks unprecedented potential for conducting diverse analyses vital for site selection, detailed site studies, repowering, and more. Its robust capabilities enable users to seamlessly navigate through complex data, offering insightful perspectives that are essential for making informed decisions in the renewable energy sector.

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Intuitive Insights with Operational Dashboard

Unlock insights in Renewable Energy with our geospatial tool. Navigate visualizations for data-driven decisions across power systems. Adaptable analytics enhance real-time decision-making, offering flexibility and accuracy for strategic growth in energy.
Explorer Platform

Search and Query for Assets on Multiple Criteria

Streamline asset location with our Infrastructure Mapping . Quickly find power plants, OEMs, and equipment by specifics, enhancing decision-making and exploration in the clean energy sector.
watershed analysis

Understand Infrastructure in a Select Area

Leverage our Infrastructure Mapping to select areas and analyze energy infrastructure for site assessment and planning. Quick insights into transmission lines and power plants aid in sustainable project development.
nearby infrastructure

Assess Nearby Infrastructure of any Area

Streamline renewable energy site selection with advanced geospatial tech, offering detailed insights for informed decisions and market growth.
site scoring, custom webgis

Investigate about Ageing Turbines

Boost underperforming wind farms, enabling precise identification and optimization of aging turbines to enhance efficiency and meet sustainable energy goals.
Explorer Platform

Know Solar Technologies being Used in a Region

Identify solar technologies in regions, enhancing decision-making for developers and OEMs, while offering precise solar analysis for strategic investments and risk minimization.

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