May 1, 2024

Site Suitability Report for 50 MW solar project in Ninh Thuan, Vietnam

Site Suitability Report for 50 MW solar project in Ninh Thuan, Vietnam

Genesis Ray has released a Site Suitability Report for a 50 MW solar project in Ninh Thuan, Vietnam, using a multi-criteria evaluation (MCE) based GIS approach. The study encompasses various technical, economic, social, and environmental factors to identify suitable locations for solar energy development.

Section 1: Site Introduction

The area of interest (AOI) spans across multiple districts in Ninh Thuan with a focus on regions such as Bac Ai, Ninh Phuoc, and others, covering an area of 900 sq.km. The site is near essential infrastructure like Thap Cham Railway and Phan Rang Airport.

Section 2: Site-Specific Data

This section outlines key site-specific details considered in the study:

  • Land Use: Various land use types including cropland, forested areas, and urban centers are mapped.
  • Surface Roughness: Estimates surface texture which affects wind speed and turbulence.
  • Earthquake, Floods, Cyclones: Assesses natural disaster risks which are crucial for long-term site sustainability.
  • Soil Load-Bearing Capacity: Important for determining the feasibility of construction and long-term stability of structures.
  • Proximity to Roads/Transmission Network: Essential for logistical and operational efficiency in construction and maintenance.

Section 3: Site Scoring

Individual scoring of each layer shows variability across the AOI, helping prioritize areas based on suitability for solar power generation. This includes detailed assessments of solar irradiance (GHI, DNI, DHI) and related data which influence the selection of solar modules and predict generation yields.

Section 4: Solar Irradiation and Yield Estimation Analysis

Comprehensive analysis of solar irradiance and its impact on potential energy yield using different types of solar modules. The report includes a month-wise and technology-wise breakdown of expected energy output, highlighting the variations across different periods and conditions.

Additional Insights

  • Power Generation: Describes the existing nearby power generation infrastructure which includes over 3.42 GW of power generation capacity with significant contributions from renewable energy sources like solar and wind.
  • Power Evacuation: Analyzes the capacity and distribution of substations and transmission lines which are critical for the successful integration of the solar project into the national grid.
  • Environmental Impact: Besides the technical feasibility, the report also covers the environmental implications of the proposed project, ensuring compliance with local and national environmental standards.


The report by Genesis Ray Energy meticulously details every aspect required for assessing site suitability for a solar project in Ninh Thuan, Vietnam. By leveraging GIS technology, the analysis not only enhances accuracy in site selection but also aids in optimizing the development process, ensuring environmental compatibility, and aligning with economic and social objectives. This thorough approach helps stakeholders make informed decisions, maximizing the potential for successful solar energy projects.