Spatial Analysis & GIS

Spatial Analysis & GIS

We excel in providing Spatial Analysis & GIS Services that leverage spatial analysis, enabling businesses to surpass competitors and make well-informed decisions quickly.

In today’s competitive arena, securing an edge is crucial for not just thriving but also ensuring sustained growth. Our customized GIS services are strategically developed to drive your enterprise forward, facilitating intelligent, data-informed decisions swiftly and with unmatched precision.


Providing GIS Services with meticulous attention to detail and thoughtful solutions tailored to your unique needs


Delivering expert GIS solutions with professionalism and precision to meet your spatial analysis needs

Fair prices

Delivering quality GIS Services at competitive rates, ensuring accessibility without compromising excellence


Delivering quantifiable results through our GIS Services, ensuring measurable impact on your business objectives

What we do

geotagging and digitization

Digitization & Mapping

Services include mapping for cadastral, parcel, road network, water bodies, utility, etc. with attribute data entry
spatial analysis

Geospatial Planning

Detect spatial trends, relationships, and patterns using map-based visualizations and advanced analysis
watershed analysis

Watershed Analysis

Understand the movement of water with Digital Elevation Model
spatial analysis

Topographic Analysis

Analyze and interpret topographic features of any area of interest leveraging the power of GIS
site scoring, custom webgis

WebGIS Development

Share spatial data across your users over the internet
cut fill

Cut-Fill Analysis

Enhance your GIS Services with our expertise in Cut-Fill analysis for precise terrain modeling and earthwork calculations

Spatial Analysis & GIS Services is the core of what we do at Genesis Ray

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