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Launched in 2017 in Singapore, Genesis Ray initially set out to transform the renewable energy and gas/LNG industries with state-of-the-art location-based intelligence and analytics. Identifying the crucial impact of location intelligence in reducing project risks, uncertainties, and delays, we pioneered innovative solutions that meld data, maps, and analytics into a single, streamlined platform. Our primary goal has been to enhance the speed and accuracy of decision-making for our clients, facilitating a smoother navigation through the complexities of the energy landscape.

Throughout our growth, our pursuit of innovation has steered us towards the forefront of geospatial technology, notably in the realm of machine learning and object detection. Genesis Ray is thrilled to extend our advanced object detection capabilities across our geospatial services, broadening our impact beyond the renewable energy and gas/LNG sectors to fields such as agriculture. This advancement enriches our ability to deliver profound insights from satellite and drone imagery, offering a new layer of analysis and interpretation. Object detection enables the automatic identification and analysis of specific geographic features or assets, enhancing efficiency in project planning, development, monitoring, and management across a variety of sectors.

Our evolution from a company with a renewable energy focus to a pioneer in integrating geospatial solutions and machine learning illustrates our enduring passion for technology and its adaption across sectors. By continuously broadening our offerings to incorporate the latest in geospatial analysis, Genesis Ray is not merely adapting to industry trends; we’re actively shaping the future. As we venture into new territories, we invite you to join us on this journey, where we convert innovative business ideas into intelligent digital solutions that foster progress, sustainability, and cross-sectoral growth.


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Our mission

Genesis Ray's mission is to empower industries with advanced geospatial technology and machine learning, transforming data into actionable insights for smarter decision-making and sustainable growth. We are committed to innovation, driving the evolution towards a connected and informed future.

Our values

Genesis Ray envisions transforming decision-making across sectors through cutting-edge spatial intelligence and machine learning, enabling sustainable, efficient, and innovative solutions informed by precise location data

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Rich experience

Extensive expertise in geospatial tech, revolutionizing sectors with innovative solutions.

Great client support

Unmatched client support, ensuring tailored solutions and success for every project we undertake

Complex solutions

intricate solutions, seamlessly integrating GIS for sophisticated, real-world applications

Unique technologies

In-house customizable machine learning models ready to be deployed for advanced data analysis and insights

Flexible prices

Flexible pricing tailored to your needs, ensuring affordable access to our advanced geospatial and machine learning solutions

Cloud infrastructure

Utilizing cloud infrastructure with advanced GPUs and ML architecture for unparalleled data processing and analytics speed

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A small but effective team

A compact team delivering impactful results with efficiency and expertise, proving size isn’t everything in achieving excellence

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