Quickly screen & compare power and gas infrastructure in a GIS interface to understand the rapidly evolving energy landscape and identify future growth & investment opportunities.

Stay ahead of competition with location intelligence

The shift to a low-carbon economy has been a game-changer for the global power industry as renewable sources of energy penetrates the sector. Countries across the world are determined to increase the share of new and cleaner sources of energy in their overall energy mix. This has resulted in the emergence of a multi-trillion renewables industry as globally investors drift away from the volatile conventional energy industry and look forward to these newer sources.

GenRay EXPLORER™ provides a one-stop platform to screen, compare and understand power and gas assets and projects in South Asia and South East Asia regions including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Brunei, Singapore and East Timor.

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Features & capabilities snapshot

With trillions of dollars ready to be pumped into renewable and other clean sources of energy in coming decades, we believe that an easy access to a diverse set of data, consolidated at one place, can prove to be instrumental and critical for speedy project development decisions, market research and investment analysis to gain a competitive edge.

GenRay EXPLORER™ combines industry-focused data and GIS functionality thereby offering an unique and seamless blend of location intelligence and contextual data points, which can be explored and analyzed simultaneously. Whether you are a power producer, developer, off-taker, equipment manufacturer, investor, financier or policy maker, our powerful data and analytics tool powered by GIS capabilities will provide updated and accurate information validated from hundreds of sources along with analysis and deep insights.

Our research team behind GenRay EXPLORER™ searches for and collects data from hundreds of primary and secondary sources, which is further cleaned up by cross-validating from multiple points after giving due weightage to each one of them. The result is reliable and authentic data points that cover:

  • Power Plants (Thermal, Nuclear, Gas, Hydro, Combined Cycle), constituent blocks and layouts thereof
  • Substations
  • Transmission Lines and Towers
  • Solar & Wind Farms and layouts thereof
  • Natural gas pipelines and LNG Terminals
  • Major Gas Consumers
  • Technical details of equipment such as Turbines, Boilers, Generators, Reactors, Wind Turbines, Solar Panels installed on individual Power Plants
  • Fuel and Technology used
  • OEM details
  • Ownership details
  • Precise mapping of all power plants, EHV lines, transmission towers, substations, gas pipelines, LNG terminals and wind turbines on GIS interface

GenRay EXPLORER™ is equipped with a dashboard that helps you draw intuitive insights from the data using interactive dynamic visualizations, including simple numeric metrics, tables and charts.

+ 33,000

Wind Turbines

+ 425,000 ckm

Transmission Lines

+ 35,000 km

Gas Pipelines

+ 650 GW

Generation Capacity

A Complete Solution for Energy Infrastructure Location Intelligence

Genray Explorer Key Feature 1

User Interactive Dashboard

Derive intuitive results by analyzing the energy scenario of any selected geography

Genray Explorer Key Feature 3

Search & Query

Easily locate, filter and narrow down search results based on multiple criteria

Genray Explorer Key Feature 4


Work with predefined analysis charts or intersect desired maps with a shape of choice

Genray Explorer Key Feature 7

Near Me

Find features within a buffer of any area of interest and get complete information about them including directions

Genray Explorer Key Feature 5


Define an area of interest (AoI) by drawing a square/polygon and understand the current energy infrastructure of the AoI

Genray Explorer Key Feature 6


Measure selected area or find coordinates of an asset as per requirement

2D and 3D Interface

Genray Explorer Interface 2 1

The Explorer tool offers a seamless experience in both 2D and 3D environment presenting data in a standardized format. The data we provide is validated by multiple sources to ensure high level of accuracy.

While the 2D visual of the tool provides a comprehensive view of the energy infrastructure, the 3D aspect offers a complete immersive experience to view all infrastructure in and around existing and prospective project locations.

Genray Explorer Interface 2 2

Learn how GenRay EXPLORER™ can help?

Genray Explorer Solution 1

Project Development

Identify the current challenges and opportunities of the existing landscape near current and prospective project locations from the data. The data includes technical, operational and geographical details for the generation and transmission infrastructure.

Genray Explorer Solution 2

Equipment Manufacturers

Easily locate and identify assets from various manufactures; and understand their detailed technical and inception information. Its vital to analyze market landscape to discover opportunities in terms of sale of equipment and preventive maintenance.

Genray Explorer Solution 3

Research & Marketing

Get detailed information about the current energy scenario for mining valuable insights of the ongoing and expected market trends. This invaluable information can also be used for drafting multiple analytical exercises, reports, articles and presentations

Genray Explorer Solution 4

Investment Options

Get access to technical information for facilitating investment decisions in the pre-development phase of the projects. This can be done based on data about operational assets, technology concentration, generation mix, status and location of present infrastructure.

Coming Soon to GenRay EXPLORER™

Transmission Line Database

Power transmission line (66KV≤ TL ≤ 220KV) with technical details of rated capacity

New Geographical Coverage

South Asia (Nepal, Bhutan).

Power Transaction Database

Existing Power purchase agreements (tenure, contracted price & volume, penalties) of conventional and renewable plants

Regulatory Policy Database

Regulatory policy, Tariff orders, Amendments data at the central level and state level