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Stay ahead of competition with location intelligence

The shift to a low-carbon economy has been a game-changer for the global power industry as renewable sources of energy penetrates the sector. Countries across the world are determined to increase the share of new and cleaner sources of energy in their overall energy mix. This has resulted in the emergence of a multi-trillion renewables industry as globally investors drift away from the volatile conventional energy industry and look forward to these newer sources. GenRay EXPLORER’s Infrastructure Mapping Module  provides a one-stop platform to screen, compare and understand power and gas assets and projects.

Visualize integrated gas & power infrastructure and market

The Infrastructure Mapping Module gives you the ability to quickly visualize power and gas infrastructure in a GIS interface to understand the rapidly evolving energy landscape, and identify future growth & investment opportunities.

Seeing provides a powerful perspective to our understanding compared to any other mode of representation by adding context to data and information. The Module, with its GIS platform, offers a unique visual ride of the entire inter-connected power and gas grids marking actual locations of different energy assets in multiple environment such as 2D and 3D etc.

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Data, GIS and Analytics combined in one platform

Existing solutions in market address either data, analytics or GIS aspects of the power & gas sectors. GenRay Explorer’s Infrastructure Mapping Module combines the three aspects thereby offering an unique and seamless blend of location intelligence and contextual data points, which can be explored and analyzed simultaneously. 

Whether you are a power producer, developer, off-taker, equipment manufacturer, investor, financier or policy maker, our powerful data and analytics tool powered by GIS capabilities will provide updated and accurate information validated from hundreds of sources along with analysis and deep insights.

What we have heard from our users?

A Global Advisory Firm

“I found the Query button to be very useful when trying to look up specific data without location information. I thought it was particularly helpful that the tool allowed search by owner name, OEM details, type of technology, etc .”

A Large MNC Bank

“The experience with GenRay EXPLORER™ so far has been great. One specific example of where I found the tool useful when was I needed to look up information around a specific region in Bangladesh, where we have an ongoing transaction. As it is an unfamiliar market for me, the tool was very beneficial in helping me get a broad understanding of the area, the lay of the land, what other existing projects are already operating, etc.”

A Large International Utility Company

“One area we particularly use this tool is “impact analysis” of an existing or potential wind project.”

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