Who can have access to GenRay Explorer?

GenRay Explorer and all its variants are available to all corporates, professional institutions, academic and research organisations and Governments and their affiliated agencies. However, there may be restrictions on access for organizations with focus on certain type of work or for users located in certain geographies. To better guide you on the access to the tool, we typically would like to know a little about you.

Are there any licensing restrictions for the use of data and information available in GenRay Explorer?

We have three different types of licensing arrangements with varying use of data and restrictions:

  • Standard Commercial: This type of license is open to all commercial organizations. The data and information can only be used for internal purposes or for inputs to further analysis. Reproduction of data and maps for sharing to general public or outside the organization is restricted except for limited use of maps, charts and other information with citation to Genesis Ray. None of the data can be used to develop another recurring paid reports or digital services.
  • Academic & Research: This type of license is open to all academic institutions and non-for-profit research organizations. It has similar use of data and other restrictions as for the Standard Commercial license.
  • Consultant: This type of license is open to all types of Consultants who would like to use the information as part of their advisory projects to their clients. With this license, the data, maps and information can be freely used as part of client engagements and shared with clients. However, the restricts around the use of data to develop another recurring paid reports or digital services remain.
Can GenRay Explorer be integrated into any product that we are developing?

Yes, though the typical licensing arrangements prohibit the use of GenRay Explorer to develop a recurring paid service we are always open to discuss such requirements on a case-by-case basis. In such cases, we can provide the tool through an API or other arrangements.

Are there any restrictions on access to the GenRay Explorer as a paid subscriber?

Since the User license is available for access to the named subscriber only, restriction on access such as MFA or machine restriction may be applied.

Are there any discounts for multiple users within the same organization?

Yes, the GenRay Explorer Enterprise comes with a minimum of 5 users within the same organization and the option of adding more users at a highly discounted user license fee. For other versions – Lite, Basic and Professional, we can provide a discounted bulk License fee in case a contract for multiple users within an organization is signed together. Please contact our Sales team for any such request.

Can I download data from GenRay Explorer?

As a Lite user, you can only request to download details including the asset Lat/long for any Area of Interest (AOI) by paying an additional download fee. The fee will depend on the size of AOI and the number and type of assets considered. As Basic user, you can also download in various formats (Shapefile, csv, etc.) your drawings on the map. As Professional User, you can also download the Charts and Infographics from the tool. As an Enterprise User, you can download unlimited data from different analytical widgets, without the asset geo-coordinates. Certain amount of free AOI downloads including asset geo-coordinates is also available on an annual basis for Enterprise Users. For an unlimited AOI asset download, Enterprise users can request our Sales team for a special annual pricing.