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ArcGIS for Renewables

Develop and deploy custom GIS solutions to streamline your wind and solar operations using Genesis Ray Energy’s data on location intelligence, transforming them into actionable insights and making better decisions, faster.

Simplify complex decisions

Empower stakeholders to make rationale, well-informed and timely decisions by sharing key information using simple, easy to use applications with dashboards.

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Deploy market-leading GIS solution to visualize your operations

Genesis Ray is a proud silver partner of ESRI, the developer of ArcGIS Platform that powers GIS solutions worldwide. 

With years of experience behind us, we can help you implement the ArcGIS Platform to support your projects in order to operate using authoritative information, streamline operations, transform data into actionable insight and make better decisions, faster.

How can you benefit from adopting ArcGIS for operations?

Develop an unified and authoritative location intelligence platform

Bring together data from projects, regulators, government, vendors and public domain sources to develop an integrated, comprehensive and unified source of authentic and trusted information using industry’s best practices.

We will help you integrate your data on the GIS platform with our expert support – helping you implement ArcGIS, the market leading Geographic Information System platform by ESRI.

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Case Study

Customized wind turbine repowering screening app

Problem Statement: Integrating GIS and climate modeling capabilities to identify turbines  in Germany for repowering

Client: A renewable energy developer

Genesis Ray collected information on renewable energy infrastructure in the country and mapped all the assets in a custom GIS app integrating project-specific data (technical, ownership, technical, OEM, and location) for all individual wind assets including the substation/grid connectivity. The GIS interface showcased all the information captured with multiple widgets/features helping users to carryout multiple analyses.

Our climate modeling team mapped wind speed in m/s for the entire country with Typical Meteorological Year profiles at P10, P50, and P90 using ERA5 and DWD, which was integrated into the app.  Besides, we also added site-specific characteristics such as Contour, Slope, Flood, Soil bearing capacity, and Land cover along with the Exclusion zones (Military areas, Airports, Protected areas, and Residential areas). 

On top of these, we developed Environment Impact Layers – Bird Sensitivity Mapping shortlisting the critically endangered bird species for the exercise, based on the number of their detected collisions at wind turbines in Germany. 


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