Save upto 80% of your costs relating to siting decisions.

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Screen, Analyze and Evaluate the right site for your wind and solar projects from the comfort of desktop. The Site Suitability Module of GenRay EXPLORER™ streamlines pre-feasibility process helping you advance to next stage with its industry leading location intelligence.


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Visualize any site without the need to visit physically

Selecting the right location is the make-or-break factor for the success of a wind or solar energy project. GenRay EXPLORER™ offers Site Suitability Module that helps you in getting started with your siting decisions.

The module helps:

  • Screen multiple sites and shortlist the ones, which are worth developing using factors such as Land Use / Land Classification, Soil bearing capacity and slope, natural disaster risks, proximity to infrastructure and Exclusion zone.
  • Visualize sites of interest within seconds with multiple mapping options
  • Generate and download a detailed and comprehensive report on nearby assets and infrastruture available 

Reach to Market Faster with GenRay EXPLORER™

Infrastructure Data

Take informed decisions with access to millions of datapoints on gas and power infrastructure 

Location Intelligence

Unlock resources by reducing dependencies on field surveys in initial stage of project lifecycle

Bespoke Analytics

Engage our analysts and consultants to advise on site analysis, site assessment, due diligence etc.