We at Genesis Ray understand that the most critical factor behind the success of any organization is effective and proactive decision making. Businesses are required to make decisions on the basis of clear actionable insights, whose building block is data.

Typically, data relevant for an organization is hidden in an external environment beyond their control. Such data is sometimes structured, but most of the times unstructured. It requires a thorough and comprehensive effort to mine them and then structure, analyze and synthesize it before creating actionable insights.


There are a number of factors, which we believe could be cited for why the industry needs a new data vendor. We understand that the changing dynamics of analytics require that the building block should get a makeover to keep pace with the new realities and technological advances that research & analytics has made over the last couple of years.

We believe that there is a genuine lack of reliable and, at the same time, accurate data analytics framework to address many of the specific questions relating to decision making process in the sector. The role of uncertainties and risks is generally overlooked, while analyzing data as organizations tend to confine their vision to what will happen in future.

In this process, they miss on the prescriptive analytics, which can equip them with insights surrounding what should happen. It is only upon knowing what should happen that an organization can be confident of taking an informed decision thereby improving the outcomes of a decision. Moreover, the decision making process is marred by a number of limitations, whether an organization goes for in-house solution our outsource the process to external consultants.

Genesis Ray is determined to bridge this gap and mitigate the limitations using a combination of state-of-the-art tools and platforms along with our experience and deep know-how of the sector, thereby improving your decision making process making it better and smarter. With this aim is mind, Genesis Ray is working towards developing standard solutions for clean energy sector, where the emphasis is on identifying risks and uncertainties at each and every stage of the decision making process.



AI/ML driven solution eliminating human intervention and automating the decision making process – the objective is to offer an integrated and the fastest solution to stakeholders

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