Resource Assessment Module

Get most accurate historical resource datasets to estimate wind and solar energy generation at any location with different confidence levels

Inaccurate Resource Estimation Affects Critical Project Decisions

Wind speed and Solar irradiation are the primary drivers of what a wind or solar energy plant can generate at any given site, respectively. Often project siting decisions are made based on long-term monthly average datasets that are transformed into hourly datasets using standard profiles. This results in inadequate understanding of the resource potential and its intermittency at a location leading to wrong siting decisions resulting in a potential revenue loss of millions of dollars over the life of the project.

To better understand the prospects of a wind or solar energy plant at any location, it is very important to identify the long-term historical resource datasets at a very high temporal and spatial resolution – preferably at an hourly or sub-hourly resolution. Only with access to such extensive data, it is possible to fully appreciate the volatility of the resource and to develop different probability of exceedance levels that can assist a project developer to understand the power generation potential at different confidence intervals. Limited availability of ground weather stations, however, exacerbates this issue further.

Our Resource Assessment Module intends to fill the gap by adopting modelling and validation techniques to incorporate global resource data from satellites and ground meteorological stations.

Key Features

Solar Chart

Long-term Accurate Climate Data for 30 Yrs

The Resource Assessment Module provides resource data modelled for any location under our coverage going back 30 years into the history duly validated with ground measuring stations for accuracy. The data is developed by applying advanced modelling techniques including Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP).

Understand Resources Visually with Analytical Charts and Plots

With Resource Assessment Module, you can get information on wind and solar resource profile for any location over a period of time. The Resource Assessment Module comes equipped with various interactive charts and plots to help you understand resource characteristics such as GHI, DNI, Temperature, RH, Wind Speed and Wind Direction for any location over a period of time, so that you can take siting decisions for your renewables projects.

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Validate Sites and Deliver Smart Decisions with Our Data on Resource Availability

Historical Resource Profile

Understand long-term historical wind and solar resources for a site over 5-10 years

Distribution of Uncertainty

Understand resource profile for any site with likelihood presented under probabilistic categories of P10, P50 and P90

High Resolution Data

Get data on wind and solar resources modeled at a high resolution for any site

Parameterization Datasets

Get high quality parameterization datasets along with other factors such as land cover, hazard areas etc.

Site Assessments

Perform advanced site assessments prior to installations by visualizing projects and addressing any issues in time

Concept & Technology

Get recommendations for any desired location along with realistic power outputs

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