A powerful business tool to leverage on if you are a power producer, project developer, off-taker, equipment manufacturer, investor, financier or policy maker for the clean energy industry

A Geo-spatial Smart Solution for Renewable & Clean Energy

Quickly screen & compare power and gas infrastructure in a GIS interface to understand the rapidly evolving energy landscape and identify future growth & investment opportunities.

Data, Research & Bespoke Analytics

Interactive Dashboard

Experience an intuitive and interactive dashboard to analyze energy scenarios of any region with dynamic visualizations, tables and charts

Data, Research & Bespoke Analytics

Multiple Basemap

Work with multiple base maps and understand spatial perspectives of a region with Terrain, Grey Scale and Satellite Imagery

Data, Research & Bespoke Analytics

Search & Query

Easily locate and perform queries for assets by text-based search or by entering spatial co-ordinates

Data, Research & Bespoke Analytics

Draw Polygon

Interactively select an area by drawing a square /polygon to locate and understand current energy infrastructure

Data, Research & Bespoke Analytics


Understand the energy dynamics of a region with the help of predefined analytical charts

Data, Research & Bespoke Analytics


Understand the extent of an area by measuring the size of a polygon or length of a line or find the coordinates of an asset as per stakeholder's requirement.

Data, Research & Bespoke Analytics

Near Me

Find & Identify infrastructure within a buffer around a defined location and view detailed information and locations of the energy assets within the buffer zone.

Data, Research & Bespoke Analytics

3D View

Experience a completely immersive 3D view of all the energy infrastructure in and around existing and prospective project locations

What Have We Covered?

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Wind Turbines
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Transmission Lines
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Gas Pipelines
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Generation Capacity

Our Coverage

Our present coverage is for South Asia and South East Asia regions covering countries including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka,
Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, East Timor, Singapore, Timor-Leste, Laos and Cambodia.

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Who Can Benefit?

Project Developers

Identify current challenges and opportunities of existing landscape near current and prospective project locations.
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Financial Institutions

Get access to technical information for facilitating investment decision in the pre-development phase of the projects.
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Easily locate and identify assets from various manufacturers and understand their detailed technical and inception information.
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Track the sectoral development and socio-environmental changes to frame timely regulations
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Research & Marketing

Get detailed information about current energy scenario for mining valuable insights of the ongoing and expected market trends
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Understand industrial infrastructure and work with sectoral data for academic research
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All of the essential data and tools you need to succeed

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Different Base Maps 
Location Finder 
3D Map 
Measure & Draw 
Save and Share 
Add Data 
Elevation Profile 



For the pros that require the absolute best in data and tools

All Basic Features +
Detailed Popups
Infographic Charts
Select Widget
Query Widget
Near Me Widget
Detailed Dashboards
Advanced Visualization
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For organizations looking to equip their resources with the best in class

All Premium Features +
Unlimited Downloads
Dedicated Technical Support
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