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Address your most critical business concerns and make smarter decisions with our bespoke analytics based on proprietary data, research and actionable insights

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At Genesis Ray, we collaborate with our clients on some of the most pressing strategic business challenges that they face. We work along with them on exploring various dimensions of these challenges and help them not only mitigate their concerns, but also uncover new opportunities for tomorrow. We do it by leveraging our deep industry experience and delivering results through innovation in the form of actionable insights.

Our focus sectors are Gas & LNG and Power & Renewables, where we have added experience and built expertise. Along with these two sectors, Geographic Information System (GIS) is the area that we have built our delivery around.

Bespoke Analytics

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Power & Renewables

Integrated solutions to engagements

Gas & LNG

Monetize natural gas with our insights


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In today’s dynamic business world, staying competitive and sustaining growth means being able to have the right balance between investment and return. This requires constant monitoring with a clear, strategic thinking and insight into market dynamics and challenges.

Our team works side-by-side with you to understand your strategic, commercial and technical challenges and help implement objective, customized and effective industry solutions. Their wealth of experience enables us to provide these solutions and the expertise to execute them for you.

We assist you in:

  • Maximizing shareholder wealth by objectively measuring and accordingly, improving performance
  • Identifying and creating new opportunities using our relationships in operating industries
  • Improving your decision-making process with independent opinion on industry fundamentals
  • Achieving competitive advantage through our detailed knowledge of the business landscape from commercial, strategic and technical perspectives

Our Engagement Models

Our experts provide analytics services in flexible delivery modules that best suit the clients’ requirements.

Bespoke Engagement

Deliver in-depth insights customized to specific challenges that you face

Dedicated Resources

Support on full time basis as an extension to client’s internal manpower resources

Multiclient Studies

Joint engagements involving multiple clients focusing on a common scope of work

Long-Term Relationship

Provide long-term retainer-ship services through an ad-hoc or long-term structured arrangement

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