History & Vision

The willingness to speed up the decision making process for our customers by mitigating risks and uncertainties with innovative solutions integrating data, maps and analytics is at the core of our business philosophy.

Genesis Ray Energy started its journey in 2017 in Singapore as a clean-energy focused company, when an idea was conceived around the growing need of location-based intelligence and analytics for the renewables and gas / LNG sectors. 

Founded by experts and researchers from the sectors, we are driven by our mission to help improve the overall corporate decision-making process, which we believe is driven by clear actionable Insights based on Data, largely hidden in external environment, and Analytics.

Our vision is to become a leading renewable and clean energy focused research & analytics company in the world helping economies integrate renewable energy and gas/LNG into their energy mix using our analytical platforms for a cleaner, sustainable and better tomorrow.

Working in line with our vision and mission, we are building standard solutions for clean energy sector, with an emphasis on identifying risks and uncertainties at every step of the decision making process.