Board of Directors

r ian angell

Robert Ian Angell


Ian is currently a post-graduate lecturer in International Business and Leadership and is a Corporate Advisor and Board member on a number of energy, agriculture and creative entities. He brings a deep entrepreneurial passion to Genesis Ray, which he has applied to start-ups, corporate roles and with clients and partners throughout his career spanning over 30 years with leading players including Tamarind Resources, Wood Mackenzie, Arthur D Little, Schlumberger, Talisman Energy and Ernst and Young.

Karthik S

Karthik Sathyamoorthy

Non-Executive Director

Karthik is currently the President of AG&P LNG Terminal & Logistics in Singapore. He has an extensive experience in energy information business with global industry leaders – Wood Mackenzie, Galway Group and CRISIL.

Manish D

Manish Dahiya

Non-Executive Director

Manish is an experienced energy professional with significant experience across the energy sector. Until recently , Manish was the Global head of Energy, Coal & LNG, Nobel Group. Before joining Nobel, he was with BHP Billiton.

Sara F

Sarah Fairhurst

Non-Executive Director

Sarah has been an Independent Director with various energy-related companies in Asia and previously a Partner at The Lantau Group. She has a strong experience in the electricity and gas sectors, having led numerous consulting projects across the region.

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